Winter is hitting hard here right now. After nearly a foot of snow with some freezing rain mixed in yesterday, the low temperature tomorrow is going to be -24ºF. The high isn’t much better, at -14ºF. But it doesn’t sound nearly as bad as the wind chill, which may approach -60ºF. Isn’t winter fun? In honor of the “wonderful” winter weather we are having, I thought it would be appropriate to post a wintery photo today, and maybe tomorrow find a photo from someplace warm to at least temporarily escape the bitter cold. This photo was taken a few years ago along the shore of Lake Michigan. After a day of snow and freezing rain, the temperatures dropped rather dramatically (sound familiar?) and, combined with the waves crashing up onto shore, gave the rocks along the shore a good coating of ice, which looked rather nice when combined with the calm water of the lake that day. The layer of ice on the parking lot (which can be seen on the right side of the photo), was not quite as exciting, nor was the layer of ice in many other places that day, but at least it worked well for these rocks.

Ice covered rocks along the shore of Lake Michigan

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