Disney castle at night

I have previously posted photos of the castle at Disney World during the day and at sunset, so why not go for the triple threat and add a photo at night? While I’m not a big fan of how massive of a company Disney has become, they do know how to put a little magic in their theme parks. This photo was taken during the week between Christmas and New Years. The holiday decorations in the park were nicely done and even though it was very busy, we had a wonderful day. The FastPass app made a huge different with that, even with the crowds we managed to go on quite a few rides with very little waiting in line.

Disney castle at night

Sunset in the Magic Kingdom

While I generally prefer the great outdoors when it comes to vacation, there is no denying that there is something magical about Disney World. The parades are brilliantly done, the shows are the perfect mix of humor and cuteness, the castles are straight out of a fairy tale, and while the rides may not be as thrilling as at other theme parks, they are full of charm. The entrance isn’t cheap and the crowds can be a little excessive, but for those who are young or merely young at heart, a little magic is worth the cost of admission.

Castle in front of a sunset at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Castle reflections

I took this photo a couple years ago at Disney World. The reflection in the pond was perfect and the lighting was great. My only regret is that this was before I owned a wide angle lens and I couldn’t quite fit the entire castle and its reflection in the photo. Disney may be a little expensive and a little busy at times but it is a pretty magical place.

Photo of the castle at Disney World in Orlando, Florida with the reflection of the castle in the water.