Lazy sea lions

These sea lions are living the good life, basking in the sun and relaxing, or at least it would seem. This photo was taken at La Jolla Cove in San Diego, California. There are tons of sea lions and birds relaxing on the rocks, it is a pretty amazing sight to see. However, it is also a little sad, because there are far too many people who do not give the animals their space and cause way too much stress for the animals.

Sea lions basking in the sun

Preening pelican

Eight species of pelicans make up the family Pelecanidae. Two species can be found in the United States, the American white pelican and the Brown pelican, seen here. This pelican was found in San Diego, along a coastal trail. I wonder if people in California view these beautiful birds as no big deal since they are so common, because every time I see one, I am so captivated by them. This pelican was busy preening, or grooming its feathers to keep them in good condition.

Preening pelican in San Diego, California

Early sunset at Sunset Cliffs

Sunsets can be hit and miss, since the quality of the light is dependent on the amount and location of the clouds. A perfectly clear sky looks boring but too many clouds and the sunset isn’t visible. Ideally, there is a moderate amount of clouds high in the sky. But many days are not ideal. The day in San Diego that this photo was taken was one such day. This photo was taken about half an hour before the sun was supposed to set. Because of the clouds low on the horizon, the sun had already disappeared by this time and minutes later all color in the sky was gone. When photographing sunrise or sunset, it is always a good idea to arrive early, because you never know if the light will be good early, late, or somewhere in between.

Sunset over the ocean in San Diego

Sunset surfer in San Diego

We’re going with a sunset photo for the second day in a row, because who doesn’t like a good sunset photo. This photo was taken in San Diego, more specifically from Windansea Beach in La Jolla. It was a perfect early November evening with just enough clouds in the sky to make for a great sunset, a beach full of people, and an ocean full of surfers. It took me a few tries to get a decent photo of a surfer, either I would mis-time the photo or they would fall before getting to the position I wanted them in, but eventually I got this photo of a surfer catching a nice wave in front of the setting sun.

Sunset with a surfer in the foreground

The Journey Begins

Welcome to Adventures Beyond The Lens!  Each day I will be posting a photo with an accompanying story that goes beyond what can be seen in the photo, whether it be about the location where the photo was taken, why I created the photo how I did, or the wild circumstances behind the moment that the photo captured.

Deceptive Sunrise in San Diego

This photo was taken from Shelter Island in San Diego last November.  The walk along the water is quite nice and the sailboats anchored in the bay make for an interesting photo subject.  I refer to this photo as a deceptive sunrise because the photo gives the impression that it was a wonderful sunrise.  The reality is that the sun was hidden behind the clouds the entire morning, with the exception of a three minute when the sun appeared between the clouds covering the horizon and the clouds up in the sky.  I took several photos during this brief time and this one is my favorite.

Sunrise with 3 sailboats in the San Diego Bay