Another Holbox sunrise

I’ve returned to editing photos taken in Holbox, Mexico back in January, and I’m amazed by how good so many of the sunrise photos turned out. It pays off to get up early. This photo, like the previous sunrise photo from Holbox I posted, was taken from Punta Cocos, a beautiful beach which looks across a shallow lagoon. I don’t know if we just got lucky while we were there or if the sunrises are always amazing in Holbox, but they were among the best sunrises I have ever seen.

Sunrise in Holbox, Mexico

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon

This photo was taken in Bryce Canyon National Park, from the aptly named Sunrise Point. We arrived at Sunrise Point 20-25 minutes before sunrise and the actual sunrise point was completely filled with people, so we decided to hike down the trail just far enough that we could enjoy sunrise in relative peace. Being late May, the temperatures were quite cool, which may come as a bit of a surprise given the warmth of this photo. As the sun approached the horizon off to the left of the photo, the clouds began to light up with brilliant color and the canyon got enough light to see the details without the harsh shadows that would appear in the canyon minutes later. This photo is a nice example of how the best sunrise/sunset photos aren’t always taken with the camera pointed towards the sun.

Beautiful sunrise in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Egret at sunrise

This photo was taken during a recent vacation on the island of Holbox, Mexico, which is a couple hour drive and a ferry ride from Cancun. It is a beautiful, relatively undeveloped island with nice beaches, lots of birds, and great sunrises/sunsets. This photo was taken at sunrise from Punta Cocos. Most of my favorite sunrise photos are taken before the sun actually comes up, but as you can see, this photo was taken shortly after the sun appeared. The way that the sun bathed the clouds and water in golden light made for a very warm friendly scene, and this egret was nice enough to land in front of me just in time to get in the photo.

Warm sunrise on the island of Holbox, Mexico with an egret in the water

The Journey Begins

Welcome to Adventures Beyond The Lens!  Each day I will be posting a photo with an accompanying story that goes beyond what can be seen in the photo, whether it be about the location where the photo was taken, why I created the photo how I did, or the wild circumstances behind the moment that the photo captured.

Deceptive Sunrise in San Diego

This photo was taken from Shelter Island in San Diego last November.  The walk along the water is quite nice and the sailboats anchored in the bay make for an interesting photo subject.  I refer to this photo as a deceptive sunrise because the photo gives the impression that it was a wonderful sunrise.  The reality is that the sun was hidden behind the clouds the entire morning, with the exception of a three minute when the sun appeared between the clouds covering the horizon and the clouds up in the sky.  I took several photos during this brief time and this one is my favorite.

Sunrise with 3 sailboats in the San Diego Bay