Fall Colors at Holy Hill

Holy Hill Basilica and National Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, or just Holy Hill as it is commonly known, is a Roman Catholic shrine and basilica located northwest of Milwaukee, WI. Holy Hill attracts 300,000 visitors, many of whom visit during the fall. Since Holy Hill is located on a glacial kame that is one of the highest points in southeastern Wisconsin, the views of the fall colors can be quite spectacular. Visitors can climb the 178-step observation tower to get better views and during peak weekends, the line to climb to the top can be more than an hour.

Fall colors from Holy Hil

Devil’s Gate

This is Devil’s Gate, located along the Bad River in Copper Falls State Park. The park is in northern Wisconsin and features a wonderful hike which follows the river and passes a couple waterfalls and this rock formation, which is far less intimidating than the name suggests.

Devil's Gate in Copper Falls State Park during the fall

Fall colors…but not in the trees

Spring is just arriving but it’s never to early to think about fall colors. I’m not a fan of cold days and short days but the changing of leaves during the fall is something I really enjoy. The thing about this photo that I like, and what makes it different from most of the other fall colors photos I have taken, is that the photo was taken later in fall after most of the trees had lost their leaves. The shrubs and other plants that grow closer to the ground still had their leaves and the brilliant reds stood out in contrast to the mostly brown colors elsewhere.

Fall colors in a state park in Wisconsin, the trees are mostly bare but the smaller plants have bright colored leaves.

The one red tree at Copper Falls State Park

The waterfalls in Wisconsin may not be as impressive as those in Iceland or Hawaii but there are some that are worth seeing. Copper Falls State Park is a beautiful state park in northern Wisconsin at the intersection of two rivers. The park has a couple waterfalls (spoiler alert: one of them is named Copper Falls), trails with great views of the rivers and surrounding forest, and interesting geology. We visited on a fall day several years ago to see the waterfalls and enjoy the fall colors. The hiking was great due to the beautiful fall weather but the fall colors were just a little before their peak. While many of the trees in the park had leaves that had turned yellow, those that turn red and orange had not really started changing their color yet. Fortunately, the few trees that had started turning already just happened to be right next to Copper Falls.

Copper Falls surrounded by fall colors

Fall Colors in Door County

Four Seasons

As the dead of winter approaches, it can be hard to remember why living in a place where winter means below-zero temperatures and the sun setting around 4 p.m., that is, on the rare days when the sun is hidden behind the clouds all days. Luckily, there are some upsides, like the excitement of nature coming back to life in the spring, appreciating the warm sunny days during the summer, being able to enjoy a white Christmas, and the beauty of leaves changing their colors during the fall.

Fall Colors in Door County

This photo was taken a few years ago during a weekend trip to Door County, Wisconsin. Door County is a wonderful area with several state and county parks, charming small towns, and miles and miles of shoreline, with Lake Michigan on one side of the peninsula and Green Bay on the other. The fall colors were at their peak the weekend we visited and while it was cloudy and rainy the entire time, the weather didn’t stop us from taking in the natural beauty Door County has to offer. This photo was taken along a quiet country road as we were on our way to one of the parks.

Beautiful fall colors along a quiet country road in Door County, Wisconsin