Running to the sunset

This photo was taken at Potawatomi State Park, located just outside Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. After a day of exploring further north in Door County, we finished our day with a hike along one of the trails of Potawatomi State Park. We started our hike from where this photo was taken a little over an hour before sunset, thinking we would be back before the sun disappeared below the horizon. However, we underestimated the distance of the hike and it was getting pretty dark in the woods near the end of our hike. Our hike turned into a run for the last few minutes and we made it back to where we started just in time to catch the end of a beautiful sunset.

Sunset with a fence in the foreground at Potawatomi State Park.

Fall Colors in Door County

Four Seasons

As the dead of winter approaches, it can be hard to remember why living in a place where winter means below-zero temperatures and the sun setting around 4 p.m., that is, on the rare days when the sun is hidden behind the clouds all days. Luckily, there are some upsides, like the excitement of nature coming back to life in the spring, appreciating the warm sunny days during the summer, being able to enjoy a white Christmas, and the beauty of leaves changing their colors during the fall.

Fall Colors in Door County

This photo was taken a few years ago during a weekend trip to Door County, Wisconsin. Door County is a wonderful area with several state and county parks, charming small towns, and miles and miles of shoreline, with Lake Michigan on one side of the peninsula and Green Bay on the other. The fall colors were at their peak the weekend we visited and while it was cloudy and rainy the entire time, the weather didn’t stop us from taking in the natural beauty Door County has to offer. This photo was taken along a quiet country road as we were on our way to one of the parks.

Beautiful fall colors along a quiet country road in Door County, Wisconsin