If the bear is eating you, fight back

Wild animals in Alaska

Alaska is a pretty wild place. With so much untouched nature and seemingly endless forests, tundra, and mountains, it is no surprised that there are many bears, moose, goats, caribou, foxes, etc. This is great in that it means that there are opportunities for visitors to see these animals in their natural habitat. It also means that for some animals (like bears and moose), you need to be smart while you’re in the outdoors to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Mostly, this means keeping a fair distance between you and the animals and making noise so that you don’t surprise them in areas with enough foliage that they cannot see you coming. There is a sign at Kenai Fjords National Park giving advice on what to do if you encounter animals in the wild. The last on the list is “If the bear is eating you, fight back.” I hope to never need to put this knowledge into practice, but I’ll trust that it is sound advice.

Moose in the middle of the trail

Large animals like bears and moose aren’t found only in the wild in Alaska. They are also often found in within the city limits of larger cities like Anchorage. One morning during our vacation in Alaska, my wife wanted to go for a run before starting our day. So, we went to Kincaid Park and jogged along the trails. I was in front of her and came around a bend in the trail to find this moose laying in the middle of the trail. She suggested going around him (a word of advice: bad idea, give moose plenty of space) but I insisted that we turn around and go back the other way. Before doing so, she insisted on getting a photo with her new friend.

Moose in the middle of a trail at Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska.

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