Surprised Spotted Leopard

This is another photo I took at the Milwaukee County Zoo. I’m not sure what the leopard was looking at, but the surprised look on its face was priceless. Since all of the big cats are in enclosures that keep them a relatively large distance from people or with a thick layer of glass between the animals and people, it can be hard to get a good photo of them. Luckily, my timing on this photo was good.

Photo of a spotted leopard with its mouth open at the Milwaukee County Zoo

Circular Seal


Zoos are a great place to take photos, especially if you are patient enough to wait for the animal you are trying to photograph to strike the right pose. Of course, they don’t always cooperate but when they do the results can be great. And photographing monkeys, zebras, giraffes, seals, penguins, and otters at the zoo is a lot easier and cheaper than photographing those animals in the wild for those of us without unlimited time and money. In addition, the money spent at a zoo goes towards educational programs, enrichment for the animals, and conservation efforts.

Oceans of Fun

This photo was taken during the Oceans of Fun Seal & Sea Lion Show at the Milwaukee County Zoo. The show was both entertaining and educational and when one of the seals did this circular pose, it seemed like the perfect time to get a photo.

Photo of a seal striking a circular pose with their tail touching the side of their face