Botanic garden sunset

The highlights of the Chicago Botanic Garden are the beautiful flowers, impressive bonsai collection, and the peaceful Japanese garden. While those all provide wonderful photo opportunities, the lake near the entrance to the garden isn’t bad either, especially on a calm day when the reflections in the water are clear. We just happened to be walking towards the exit as the sun set on this day, so how could I not stop and take a photo?

Sunset at the Chicago Botanic Garden

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A few weeks back, I posted a photo of a nicely lit tree at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Today’s photo is also from the Chicago Botanic Garden. I have learned that taking a good photo of a flower is as much finding the right flower as it is composing the photo. So many flowers look really nice until you start to look at the details and realize that they have petals that are brown or have been chewed on by insects or have spots on them. Or the flower looks nice but is oriented so that it isn’t possible to get a photo from the right angle. This purple water lily was in one of the ponds located not far from the entrance of the gardens and it looked beautiful, especially with direction of the light and the lack of other flowers surrounding it. I usually take tighter shots of flowers but felt that the negative space in this photo helped showcase how much the flower stood out in person while viewing it in the pond.

Purple water lily at the Chicago Botanic Garden