Bed races in Cedarburg

I imagine the first thought most people would have when looking at this photo would be something like “what on earth is going on here?” If so, I guess that means I captured the moment pretty accurately because that was pretty much my thought in the moment. This photo was taken in Cedarburg, WI, which may be the small town festival capital of the world. Lots of towns have small festivals, but Cedarburg takes it to another level and it is reflected in the insane amount of people that flock to this small town a few times a year. This photo was taken during the Winter Festival at the annual bed races. Teams build parade-like floats around a bed frame, dress up in costumes that fit with their bed, throw on their skates, then take to the frozen water just north of the dam to participate in down and back races pitting two teams against each other. A mix of serious competition and absolute hilarity ensues.

Bed races on the ice in Cedarburg, WI

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