Fireworks over Milwaukee

Taking decent fireworks photos is a challenge. It’s dark, so it requires slow shutter speeds and preferable the camera being on a tripod; you never know exactly where, when, or how large the fireworks are going to appear in the sky, so composing the photo is a challenge; and it’s usually a very high contrast situation, so getting a photo with anything other than the fireworks themselves properly exposed is a challenge. Fortunately everything is digital nowadays, so the fact that I delete 99% of the fireworks photos I take (because they were a complete failure) is not a problem. This photo is from a couple years ago, taken on July 3rd because for some reason the city of Milwaukee does their fireworks a day early. With the long days, the sky wasn’t completely black when the fireworks started, the small clouds captured the light of the fireworks nicely, and I guessed at a shutter speed that made the fireworks look quite nice.

Fireworks over the city of Milwaukee

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