Waterfalls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is a stunning national park. The highlight, of course, is the mountain views, as the name suggests. The park also has its fair share of waterfalls within its boundaries, and while none of them match the awe inspiring views of the many panoramic vistas the park is known for, several waterfalls within the park are either easily accessible or along popular trails. This photo was taken during a hike in the Wild Basin Area, a popular hiking area which often runs out of parking spaces by late morning. We arrived in the late afternoon after a strong rainstorm had passed through, so we had no problem finding a place to park as the pouring rain had scared away a fair number of hikers. A quick side note: good rain gear in invaluable in places like Alaska and Colorado with unpredictable weather, with the proper gear a hike in the rain is no problem, without it the hike can get miserable pretty quickly. We hiked as far as Ouzel Falls before turning back and along the way I took a picture of this waterfall that I quite like.

Waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park

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