Hiking through the Grand Canyon

As I mentioned in a previous post, it is a 14 mile hike from the north rim of the Grand Canyon down to the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon. It is a long, steep, challenging hike that begins in the cool morning air while it is still pitch black (if you’re smart) and ends in early afternoon heat that is likely to top 100 degrees. If you’re really crazy, the 14 mile hike isn’t 14 miles, it’s 15.5 miles, because three quarters of a mile off the main trail, tucked in one of the many side canyons, there is a beautiful waterfall named Ribbon Falls. This photo was taken just after completing our detour to Ribbon Falls, where we had enjoyed the shade, cool water, and beautiful views. The only downside was that it meant that the sun was high enough in the sky that by the time we returned to the main trail all shade was gone, but it was well worth a little extra sun to begin the second half of our hike feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Hiking through the Grand Canyon

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