Great pizza, bad photo

Italy knows pizza. I know this isn’t a groundbreaking revelation, but the pizza in Italy is unlike the pizza anywhere else in the world. It’s not overly complicated. Fresh, thin crust. Fresh ingredients. Delicious sauce and cheese. Done. No stuffed crust. No greasy crust. No crust flavors. Simplicity. No need to cut the pizza into pieces, just throw it on a plate and serve it. There are many things I miss about Italy, and the pizza is definitely near the top.

This is a bad photo of a great pizza. The composition is not good, with the knife and fork both getting cut off on the sides of the photo, the bottoms of the glasses and the basket of bread above the plate are distracting, and the depth of field isn’t deep enough for the entire pizza to be in focus. But with such a delicious pizza in front of me (and taken many years ago before I really considered composition), can you blame me? This pizza was photographed then eaten in a restaurant in Taormina, a quaint village along the coast of Sicily.

Photo of a delicious vegetable pizza taken in Taormina, Italy.

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